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  1. 1960 - A trading company for industrial inputs and accessories in the name and style of Messer’s Globe Industrial Corporation (India) took birth at Madras (now Chennai), South India
  2. 1981- First manufacturing unit for Rubber & Plastic components launched
  3. 1986- An additional product in precision pressed components (sheet metal) primarily for integral consumption was included to our range of products
  4. 1988- Existing factory augmented with automatic production line to facilitate manufacturing of Thermoplastic Polyurethane Products
  5. 1995- An exclusive unit for OIL SEALS was set up in Haryana State, North India
  6. 1996- Re-located operations to Coimbatore, South India


  • Well equipped factory operates at Coimbatore, South India.
  • Catering to leading OEMs and End product manufacturers in the domestic circuit.
  • Backed by 43 years of domain experience, the group has a team of steadfast Quality Control experts, keeping an eagle eye on the entire process from raw material selection, production to final dispatch.